Powerful Dumpster Rental Services

Every bin is MANUALLY tarped, we don’t lose anything on the freeway. Manual tarpers not allowed.

Dumpster Rental without the hassle.

Finally, trash bin service that is easy to order and responsive.

Nothing bothers the Junk General more than having to make things difficult for our beloved customers.  Or even worse having to landfill construction debris.  Nope the JunkGeneral holds the line.

Use a Large bin to dispose of:

  • Household Junk
  • Green waste, trees, shrubbery
  • Wood, construction material
  • Metal items, appliances

Our different sizes

Chihuahua Size- 10 cubic yard dumpster –

Measures 13x8x5

Keep in mind, the dumpster bin will come pre marked with a 10 cubic yard fill line.  Should you desire to fill the entire bin simply fill the bin and we will charge your card for the difference.

MINI PIG – 15 cubic yard capacity –

Dumpster measures 13x8x4

A great option to clear out a shed or single car garage.

PIG Model – 18 cubic yard

Dimensions- 13x8x5 with an open top and two rear barn doors.   In fact this is a great option to clear out a 2 car garage or part of your home.  However if you wanted to clear a complete home you will need 2 to 3 of these depending on how much junk is in the home.

Each one of our bins takes up the footprint of a small car.

Weight Capacity Considerations

10 cubic yard CHIHUAHUA

1 ton of capacity included , $120 per ton if over.

15 cubic yard MINI PIG

Each mini pig 15 yard dumpster comes with 2 tons of payload already included in the price.  However if 2 tons is not enough it costs $120 bucks more per ton pro rated if capacity is exceeded.

However, let me reiterate our debris bins should not be loaded with concrete, dirt, tile or stucco.  If you are loading such items ONLY 4 cubic yards of source separated material should be loaded at a time. MAX

18 cubic yard PIG

Our pig model comes with 3 tons of payload included in the price.  Again,  $120  per ton if over 3 tones however we don’t suggest going over 3 tons as it may make the dumpster bin difficult to lift.

To give you an idea of how much a bin should weigh, an 18 cubic yard debris bin will weigh around 1.5 tons if loaded with household junk.

Standard Prices

10 cubic yard CHIHUAHUA

$449 1 ton of capacity paid for and included, 1 week rental, delivery, pick up.

15 cubic yard, MINI PIG

$549 1 ton of capacity paid for and included, 1 week rental, delivery, pick up.

18 cubic yard PIG

$595 1 ton of capacity paid for and included, 1 week rental, delivery, pick up.

Keep in mind, these are our standard prices for the San Francisco Bay Area, however some price restrictions may apply for difficult deliveries or special circumstances.  Either way, JunkGeneral will always let you know the price UPFRONT.

Delivery Information:

Six days a week

Our delivery and pick up operations are active Monday through Saturday however on Sundays we rest.

Dumpster Rental to most of the bay

While we service most of the bay certain cities have exclusive agreements with garbage companies and as such are barred from competing.  ;(

Flexible, A la carte services

Need after hour services? Have a special request? Trust us we have heard it all give us a shot for a custom solution to your junk problem.